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Sure-Grip Old School Skateboard Trucks

Sure-Grip Old School Skateboard Trucks

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Inspired by Neil Blender's "Polarizer" setup and the "SurfSkates by G&S", these trucks are an absolute blast to ride.  Finding speed, making tight turns and darting around the streets or skate park will take you on a sidewalk surfing adventure straight out of the 60's.  Take it back in time to the original approach to skateboarding,  mounting roller skate trucks to any little board you want to ride.   We recommend these trucks on our vintage fiberglass decks, on a Polarizer style deck or a homemade deck of your own. 

Set of 2 Trucks

4 1/2" Super X Hanger

8mm Axel - standard skateboard axel

5/16" Nuts - standard skateboard nuts

Standard Sure-Grip Bushings

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