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Carver C7 Truck Standard Bushing Set

Carver C7 Truck Standard Bushing Set

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Bushing performance is key to getting the most out of a surfskate. High rebound is essential so it gives energy back with each pump. The Carver C7 Standard bushing set is the perfect all-around combination of bushings shapes in varying hardness, perfect for every rider’s ability and specifically designed for C7 performance. Carver bushings are hand-cast with premium urethane.

  • Components: 1 pc C7 Top, 1 pc C7 Bottom, 1 pc C2 Top, 1 pc C2 Bottom
  • C7 Bushings Top: 0.375" 95A Conical
  • C7 Bushings Bottom: 0.55" 95A Barrel
  • C2 Bushings Top: 0.58" 89A Conical
  • C2 Bushings Bottom: 0.65" 89A Conical
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