HUGE thanks to all of our sales reps, friends, family and customers for helping make our 25 year anniversary party a HUGE success.

HUGE shout out to all of the awesome companies that donated to our raffle.  THIS is what it's all about!


A few of our shop coozies!


We cooked up a bunch of food and the whole neighborhood showed up!



Pablo was the man in charge of our mega raffle!







Jeese @ Team Phun won a few rad prizes and gave a few to the kids!

So many sick items in the raffles!


Soul Grinder Ian (aka One Wheel) won a sick deck!


So many happy kids....



Shane was stoked to get back on a new board!


In case you missed it and you'd like to see more pics, checkout our Soul Grind Facebook page and follow us on Instagram.  We posted a few videos and pics.


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Thanks again to everyone involved.    See ya next time!

-Team Soul Grind

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