Bones Brigade Hawk Series 4 Skateboard Complete Black - 10 x 30.05

  • $ 189.00

Deck Shape 151
Deck Concave SP2
Deck Wheelbase 15.5"
Deck Length 30.05"
Deck Width 10"
Deck Nose 3.55"
Deck Tail 6"
Wheel Core None
Wheel Diameter 64mm
Wheel Hardness 95a
Wheel Formula SAA
Wheel Color White
Wheel Suggested Use Skateparks
Wheel Surface Smooth
Truck Width 9.5
Truck Make Independent
Complete includes: Bones Brigade Hawk Series 4 Cosmetic Blem Deck, Indy 169 Trucks, Bones REDS Bearings, Mini Logo Grip, Hardware and Risers, and PP Mini Cubics white wheels.

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